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By Royal Appointment Podcast is hosted by royal correspondents Linnea Woolfson and Georges De Keerle, both of whom have had years of experience working with the various royals and their households.
Learn more about the royal families around the world and hear from the people working behind the scenes who we will invite to the studio.


By Linnea Woolfson
Family Traveller and presenter Linnea Woolfson offer listeners travel guides and inspiration to destinations around the world.
Website: familytraveller.com


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Each show opens with a mini escape to somewhere new, whether it’s Natalie parked up on a side street, or sitting perched on a mountain top. It then continues on to conversations with guests including Hollywood friends and celebrities, comedy folk, and unique and interesting people.



This is the Podcast version of the popular video show. A fresh blend of comedy mixing humor from “Old school” and today. It’s a mix of all things manly.

Examining and laughing at online outrage, trial by social media,
sh*t-storms, bandwagons, trolling/stalking, misogynistic idiots, etc


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