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Rosanne Barr 

(CNN)If Roseanne Barr is going to endorse anyone for president, she’s going to go with a potential candidate she knows really well — herself.

The actress told Yahoo that despite some reports, she has not endorsed Donald Trump.
Instead, she is coming out in support of her own candidacy.
“I will be writing myself in in every election from now until I win,” she said. “I don’t endorse.”
The documentary “Roseanne for President!” is in theaters and on demand starting Friday. It traces her 2012 third-party run for the highest office in the land.
And lest anyone think she is a Hillary Clinton supporter, Barr makes it clear that she is not.
“I said the press was corrupt and that Hillary owns the press and that people in this country are not allowed to say anything except for that they love Hillary, or they’ll be harassed, especially on social media, until they leave or hang their head in shame,” Barr said. “Because if you don’t endorse Hillary, then you’re anti-American, a racist, a sexist, or whatever names her robots throw around.”

Updated 2048 GMT (0448 HKT) July 1, 2016

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