TeenUp Show with Mylove and Jplus is a web based show hosted by Mylove and Jplus the entertainer along with 4 field correspondents Cobe Bugni, Nathan Holloway, Juliana Cifuentes and Musa Nelson. Teenup is an outlet for kids to come and talk about their everyday struggles, their issues, as well as their success stories and happiness. This show was created in mind to provide an environment with only teens and no 

adults. It is aimed to place teens in an environment where they can be more open to talk about issues among themselves without feeling the pressure of being judged or frowned upon. TeenUp Show will provide a voice for teens while encouraging healing and providing emotional support to any teens that are directly affected by our topics. We at TeenUp definitely understand that our Kids are our future and this show will start by making a huge investment in their life while we wait patiently on a greater return.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of The TeenUp Show with Mylove and Jplus is design to bring teens into a age appropriate environment where they can feel as though they belong and be accepted regardless of their past or current situations. We are committed to encouraging teens to discover their own voice and identity by sharing their opinions in hopes to inspire them to become leaders instead of followers.  Since the inception of the shows concept, there has now been talks about expanding the show, so look for a TeenUp UK or even a TeenUp Canada perhaps.  Just stay tuned and see the magic happen right here on The V3TV Network

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