Bill Maher: Loretta Lynch Should Have Told Bill Clinton, ‘Get Off My Plane’


Bill Maher: Loretta Lynch Should Have Told Bill Clinton, ‘Get Off My Plane’

One MSNBC correspondent tried to downplay the controversy swirling around Loretta Lynch’s unplanned meeting earlier this week with former President Bill Clinton, but comedian Bill Maher didn’t accept any of it during his show Friday night, telling the reporter his comments sound like “real MSNBC boilerplate.”

MSNBC’s Ari Melber told the “Real Time” host that the 30-minute meeting “isn’t a real scandal,” adding that the conversation between Lynch and Bill Clinton was “dumb.”

Coming to Melber’s aid was Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.), who insisted the attorney general “has a lot of integrity” and was “very forthright” about her discussion with the former commander in chief. At that, Lee — for some reason — started talking about the Select Benghazi Committee’s investigation, which she lamented “cost the taxpayers $7 million.”

“That has nothing to do with it,” Maher interjected.



Melber again suggested the meeting was inconsequential, telling Maher that it would be a “tough call” if the president asked to meet with you in the way Bill Clinton approached Lynch, who is overseeing investigations into Hillary Clinton’s tenure at secretary of state.

“How about saying, ‘I’m the attorney general. I’m looking into your wife. I’m about to indict her, or not. Get off my plane,’ like Harrison Ford,” Maher charged.

“And to spend 30 minutes — that’s a long time to be talking about your grandchildren,” he continued. “And now, by the way, [Bill Clinton] screwed Hillary [Clinton] … because now, when it comes to [Lynch’s] desk, now, she’s under a microscope like she never would have been before.”

Regardless, the MSNBC correspondent stood firm in his belief that the controversy over the meeting “doesn’t make any sense.”

In the wake of the fallout over her meeting with Bill Clinton, Lynch said Friday she won’t overrule the findings of the FBI, which is slated to meet with the former secretary of state in the coming days.

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