Calif. Councilwoman Under Pressure to Resign Over Her Now-Deleted Facebook Post on Dallas Shooting

In the wake of police-involved fatal shootings over the last week — culminating with an ambush against cops in Dallas that took five of their lives —  a city councilwoman from Nevada City, California, posted her thoughts about the matter on Facebook.

And officers in her hometown aren’t happy.

What did Reinette Senum write in her now-deleted post? “This was completely incited by America’s police force. They have obviously been given directives to go out there and kill.” She also wrote that “we can expect this when police murder somebody. It’s the oldest trick in the book …”

Image source: KMAX-TV

Image source: KMAX-TV

So outraged were local officers that the Nevada City Police Association unanimously issued a vote of no confidence and asked for her resignation, KMAX-TV reported.

“You paint a picture that every police officer is corrupt and that were out looking to kill somebody is just completely unacceptable,” Nevada City officer Tim Ewing told the station, also noting that “it’s not something that anybody wants to do and certainly there’s been no directive for us to go do such a thing.”

(Image source: KMAX-TV)

Nevada City officer Tim Ewing (Image source: KMAX-TV)

But Senum defended her post to a KMAX reporter and tried to clarify her words.

“Black lives lost, the lives of police officers lost is a tragedy,” Senum told the station. “It’s not mutually exclusive to the fact that we need to have high standards with our police force. We lost a lot of those high standards and we want them back.”

Nevada City Councilwoman Renee Senum (Image source: KMAX-TV)

Nevada City Councilwoman Renee Senum (Image source: KMAX-TV)

She also told KMAX she was referring to corruption and not necessarily to Nevada City Police.

“The good police officers who are out there doing their job, I have the highest regard for them,” Senum added.

It isn’t clear exactly when Senum posted her Facebook entry, but KMAX reported that it had been deleted Friday night.

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