“An eclectic combination of news and chaos” – Bobby Glanton Smith author of ‘Real Men Don’t Play’  

“Brilliant! Excited to see how the show develops” – Joyce Johnson of The Oakland Examiner

What do you get when you mix news, music and a love for all things totally odd and random, you get ‘The Vaughn Johseph Show’  The show that has made you not laugh, certainly not cry and wish you could have a go at the host is now back for its 2nd season of madness.  This season we have amazing guests from politicians to people that ‘know’ the earth is flat.  The V3TV Network is working hard to bring you more new and exciting content every week so stay tuned and hold on as it could get a bit bumpy!!!  Don’t forget you can always reach out to the show if you have show ideas, or if you want to take part and give your opinions on a topic we may or may not have covered. Of course we thank you for your support.

Email the show at info@V3TV.uk 

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