V3TV Sports

We are very very excited to announce the newest show to our channel lineup in V3TV Sports.  This is still a developing channel and will feature all thing related to sports and activity.  Whether it be, driving around in a fast car, to mixing up a great smoothy, V3TV Sports is the place to get the information you are looking for.  We have shows like ‘Hooked On Health’ with host Miker Hook launching in February, ‘A Healthy Living’ with Vivian Brasil & ‘Adrenaline’ with Vaughn ‘Brohseph’ Johseph.

Keep an eye out for new shows launching regularly on V3TV Sports, as well as our first documentary ‘Grabbing 4 Glory’, a film about Team 305, a bodybuilding couple from England.  V3TV Sports will follow them through their journey to competition in the 2016 UKBFF finals.  We will have exclusive footage from Muscle Beach in California as well as an up and close and personal view into the life of 2 competitive athletes as they gain & cut weight and get ready for action.  Keep your eye out on the show here or subscribe to our DailyMotion page for all updates for V3TV Sports.

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