Hear the story of Alex Hernandez and how he is taking over the company that his grandfather started back in 1972.

The family business started when Pedro Hernandez came from Havana, Cuba to Miami, FL in the late 1960s to start a new life. Coming here to this country with nothing but his family and education, he decided to study and became a CPA. Being that his older brother was a great plumber and he needed someone to run the books for him, they decided to go into business and open Hernandez plumbing. Hernandez plumbing was established in 1972 and still in operation today!

For most of the following 40 years after Hernandez plumbing was established, Rafael Diaz, his son in law, helped run and maintain the company’s reputation, operations, and sales.

Fast-forward to 2011, Alejandro Diaz, being the only grandson out of 5 boys that were ever interested in the plumbing business decided to take the family business to the third generation.

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