Feminine energy has been held back for the benefit of a few with bad intentions. Judgment is upon us and there is financial abundance and stability underlying this current situation. Collectively we have been forced to see past our fears and find our inner light. The Chariot is bringing a big ending to the current unbalanced and unethical situation because collectively we have been moving rapidly into the higher energies. I see humanity standing on much firmer ground at the end of August, able to create a better future with all we have learned and overcoming the burdens and disappointments we have endured for so long. Earth signs are going through endings and dealing with past energies. Water signs are transforming current energies, Fire signs are clearing things that aren’t working and Air signs are stepping into the Sun.

The Air Dragons are assisting humanity in rising above earthly matters, so we can see this drama from a higher perspective and helping us to communicate honestly with each other, bringing through inspiration and hope.

Before each reading I call in the power and wisdom of the Four Directions and the power and energy of the Five Elements. I connect fully with my Father the Creator above and Mother Earth through my Fundamental Consciousness in Christ. I am truly humbled to work with these energies and I hope that by doing these readings I can offer some small amount of insight, wisdom and even healing and comfort to those who are searching. At the moment I am offering a reading every 2 weeks on this channel and plan to increase the readings in September.

The insights I receive are freely given and I do not charge for readings. Donations are welcome. @goldenspeaking

Cards I use: Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot by Matt Hughs Vision Quest Tarot by Gayan Sylvia Winters & Jo Dose The Thoth Tarot by Evelin Burger & Johannesburg Fiebig Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper Peace ❤