Drunk People, Kissing Cops & Killer Croissants

Two police officers have apologized after they were caught kissing “for 20 minutes” in a Tesco car park.

The incident in Blackburn, Lancashire, involved one off-duty and one on-duty police officer.

A witness – who filmed part of the incident – claimed they saw them kissing for 20 minutes and has criticized their behaviour.

Lancashire Police says the officers have been spoken to and have apologized for their conduct on Good Friday.

A spokesman for the force described it as an “isolated incident”.

A witness claimed the pair were initially in their own cars and pulled up next to each other talking but said the female officer then got into the male officer’s car.

Police officers apologise for kissing in back of patrol car
The witness said: “They were kissing in the car – their faces were colliding. They were sat in the car for about 20 minutes.

“This is an on-duty police officer sitting in a car for 20 minutes doing b***** all.

“It annoyed me. People were walking past and taking a double look into the vehicle and thinking ‘is that really happening?”



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