In this 6-minute behind-the-scenes featurette director Naeem Mahmood, co-director Ash Mahmood and the leading cast members explain the film’s main characters. Also highlighted in the video is the making of the film.

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Co-director ASH MAHMOOD

Starring rising stars MELISSA LATOUCHE and PAUL CHIEDOZIE alongside TOM BOTT (Shank), JULIAN GLOVER (Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, For Your Eyes Only, Star Wars-Empire Strikes Back), ANNIE COOPER (Kick Ass, Skins), CHARLES MNENE (Misfits, New Town Killers) ANNABELLE LANYON (Legend), RICHARD SHELTON (Emmerdale), ENGLISH FRANK (Offender) and Grime legend D DOUBLE E…

Production Company TRAILBLAZER

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