Ezina is an author, musician, yogi, filmmaker, and a philanthropic humanitarian. Her music can be described as a mashup of Donna DeLory, Pink and Lenny Kravitz with the flow of Erykah Badu. Her unique style is a fusion of rock music with different music genres including soulful beats, funk, and sacred chants. She uses her poems and music to convey empowering and inspirational messages to her audience. Her inspiration comes from the many Sacred texts that she has studied as well as music from her late great uncle, Bobby Womack. With a string of much loved R&B/Soul albums including This Love (1989), Tempted (1998) and Power of A Woman (2004) Surrender (2006) and Goddess (2009) Ezina traveled the Globe entertaining audiences with her vocal prowess and electrifying performances. During a visit to India, Ezina discovered neurolinguistic programming and the hypnotic effects created by music. Driven and energized, Ezina began studying divine and sacred texts from different religions and while on her journey was introduced to Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Her deep dive into Buddhism, the ways of her native Choctaw and Cherokee ancestors, Christian, Hindu, Judaism, Kabbalah, Muslim, Sikh, Sufism, Santeria and Wicca revealed to her the commonalities among all the major religions, chief among them being the use of allegories and parables to teach students the importance of peace, kindness, and unconditional love. Through this study she came to admire all religions, and is comfortable praying and worshipping in any House of God. As she deepened her Sadhana practice, her music began to shift and Ezina dedicated her life to singing inspirational lyrics infused with sacred mantras. Ezina’s latest release Awakening is a 10 song collection of inspirational R&B, Reggae and funk enveloped with hooky melodies, infectious grooves and sacred mantras.