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HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — It’s a scenario straight out of “The Jetsons.” A South Florida restaurant owner is using dining-room robots for touchless, socially distanced seating and ordering.

Joy Wang, the owner of Mr. Q Crab House in Hollywood, bought three robo-staff members for $30,000, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Wang said she invested in the robotic workers because she is having difficulty filling shifts of servers and front-of-house staffers at the Cajun seafood restaurant


Fallon Fox, the only openly transgender MMA fighter, is to have a movie made about her life.

Fox’s biopic will be produced amid the backdrop of US states legislating against transgender people in the US, with many denying them the right to play sports with the gender they identify as.

When Fox first started the sport, she had initially held back that she was transgender over fears it could end her career if she was outed.





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