Pawn Stars Chumlee & Hulk Hogan Sex Tapes

Wow, what a week it has been for silly news stories.
I think after this week we will focus mainly on the ridiculous stuff that is going on in the world. Leave the serious stuff to the real newscasters, lets have fun yeah?!?!

So this newscaster in Romania decides that doing jumping jacks on the air is a good idea when you have massive boobs, nope!
Hulk Hogan has sex with his best friends wife and the sex tape gets put out by Gawker, now they owe him $115 Million, ouch.

This moron in North Korea steals, gets caught, and gets 15 years hard labor, what a sucka. Chumlee from Pawn Stars screwed up too, now
he may go to jail
We also see a UFO, i think!

All that in a bit more on
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