Rebecca Scott: Prior to becoming a published author, Iworked 25+ years in the hip-hop music industry.
I have worked with BMG, Atlantic, Jive, Nervous, East/West, Tommy Boy, EMI and Universal Records. I have also worked with lawyer Bob Celestin, P. Diddy, Planet Studios, Sal Abbatiello, Russell Simmons, Ernie Paniccioli, Professor Griff, Flavor Flav, Tupac Shakur, YO YO, Sylvia Rhone, Mad Lion, KRS-1 and others. 

In 1997, I collaborated with director George Tan to bring Tupac Shakur’s story to the screen via the documentary, “Thug Immortal”. I am a historian, activist, poet, chess player, percussionist and cellist; I reside in New York City.

My Written works of Rebecca Scott:



A-Z Women of the Bible
A Biblical View on Smoking Weed
A New World Order
Answering the Call
Biblical Views on Homosexuality
Deprogramming Black America
Fake Blood-How I went undercover the Bloods gang in a search to find my Daughter
Hell’s Bells
Hip Hop Illuminati – How and Why the Illuminati Took Over Hip Hop
Hip Hop Illuminati Book 2
Hustling 101 – Selling your talent without Selling your Soul
Insanely Famous – Celebrities who are Crazy in Real Life 
Katt Williams the Road to Hell
Proverbs for the Foolish
Psychological Warfare
Real Hip Hop Gangsters
Satan’s Children – Celebrities who have sold their souls for Fame
Secret Societies of New York
Space Ops Trilogy
The End Times Prophecies
The Kennedys – Blessed or Cursed?      
The Manipulation of America
The Price of Fame
The REAL Bad Girls Club – History of Women who Commit Violent Crimes
The Thug Bible
Very Secret Societies (The Ones you Don’t Hear About)
When Money is the Root of All Evil