Trump Gets Jealous Over Nancy Pelosi Getting A New Hair Do

We are so excited to be back for episode 8 of The Weekly Nonsense News! We are covering a-lot across our nation this week including one man’s crusade against boneless chicken wings, the controversy surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s hair salon, lanternflies, and much more jam-packed news!

This week was full of a ton of head-spinning news. In yet another effort to distract us from the real issues of the world, Trump and his cronies are going after Nancy Pelosi not wearing a mask to her hair salon. On top of that, China also is trying to destroy our environment on top of our population with their Lantern Fly infestation and the mainstream media does not seem to want to cover anything about it. But in brighter news, one kid went on a mission to get out of a geometry test and got arrested for launching a cyber attack against the Miami-Dade County public school district.

Joking Seriously is very excited to also be teaming up with Back To Blue which is a progressive organization in PA that supports the PA Democratic Party and is doing everything they can to elect Joe Biden! If you would like to attend their next meeting in Philly, you can learn more at this link: