We’re back for episode 5 and this week we are talking about Kamala Harris joining Joe Biden‘s ticket and reports out of Florida of the Freedom To Breathe Agency harassing a woman at a grocery store!

We are so excited that Kamala Harris has joined the Biden ticket as the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee! Kamala will be a wonderful addition to the ticket and we cannot wait to see Kamala Harris make news headlines as she takes down Mike Pence and Donald Trump!

Then maybe idiots like The Freedom To Breathe Agency will cease to exist. Please remember to wear your mask and vote every single republican out of office this coming November! Vote Biden Harris!!

DISCLAIMER: Joking Seriously endorses Joe Biden For President Of The United States and Kamala Harris for VP not Donald Trump. We welcome all trolls. Our new theme song is also an original composition by our friend Junje! He is a really incredible DJ from Philadelphia and everyone should check out his website!