What You Wanna Say Sundays


What You Wanna Say Sundays. This show is dedicated to the viewers, your thoughts, your opinions & whatever else you want to go in on. This is the one and only show that the V3TV Network actually does LIVE! So who knows what might happen, because the tech gods always seem to have plans for us on Sundays.  If you’re in the UK and you want to come in to promote your business, your band, or your comedy show, by all means feel free to reach out to the show and we can get you in.

What You Wanna Say Sundays is on the first and last Sunday of every month.  You can call into the show, hit up the chat room, tweet the show on Twitter , or watch live on Ustream.   If you subscribe to the Ustream page, you will get notifications as to when the show goes live, or follow the show on DailyMotion and get notified as to when new shows post to the site.